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Open Competitive & Promotional Examination Announcements

EFFECTIVE 2/26/15 LOCAL LAW F – 2014
Section 62-1 of Chapter 62 of the Code of the City of Albany.
D. Residency for new employees.  Except as otherwise provided by the section, the Common Council hereby establishes a residency requirement for all prospective employees of the City.  Every person initially employed by the City of Albany, shall, as a qualification of employment, be or become a resident of the City of Albany within 180 days of the date of initial appointment for said City.  Furthermore, employees hired after the effective date of this section shall continue to be a resident of the City of Albany throughout their employment with the City, and the failure to move into the City, shall be deemed a voluntary resignation.  The City may require annual proof of residency from affected employees.

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Exam # Title Salary Last Filing Filing Fee Promotional
61-961 Payroll Administrator   $38,918/yr 5/22/17  $20.00  No 
61-788 Customer Contact Specialist   $36,000/yr 5/22/17  $20.00  No 
69-067 Extended Day Learning Coordinator   $50,000/yr 5/22/17  $20.00 No 
 61-377 Water Plant Instrument Technician $70,000/yr  5/22/17 $20.00  No 
77-094  Fire Captain 
$77,555/yr (EMT)
$79,659/yr (Paramedic)
5/24/17  $30.00  Yes 

Continuous Recruitment Examination Announcements

Exam # Title Salary Last Filing Filing Fee Promotional
10-217 Account Clerk $30,000 - $40,000/yr N/A $20.00 No
10-017 Clerk Typist/ Clerk Typist I $27,691 - $36,599/yr N/A $20.00 No
10-417 Library Clerk
Full time: $24,628.80/yr
Part time: $12.63/hr
N/A $20.00 No