Parking Permits

Access the Parking Permit portal. Please note that if you are accessing the site for the first time on a specific device, or after your browsing history has been cleared, you will have to re-verify your information. The verification process includes two steps:

  1. Enter your email or phone and get the conformation number. 
  2. Once this code is entered, one of two screens will appear: new users will be prompted to create a PIN and existing users will be prompted to enter your PIN. If the user has already created an account, then once the two steps are met then the account will appear. This is required for our PCI compliance.

Applications for City of Albany residential parking are available. For general information and to download an application, please see links below. The City Clerk’s Office is currently accepting NEW applications daily, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. The form of payment is cash or check ONLY; no credit/bank/debit cards will be accepted. Please note that a valid driver's license and vehicle registration are necessary at the time of application. 

We are fast approaching the renewal season and all permits will expire February 15, 2022. Please make sure we have your correction information and you renew your permits timely to avoid any unnecessary parking tickets. 

If you have a valid visitor permit and would like to add a visitor license plate to temporarily covered, sign into your account, then submit the required information. Procedures on how to properly use the visitor permit can be found below. Should you have questions please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s Office at (518) 434-5090.