COVID-19 City of Albany Resource Guide

  1. Language Access COVID Fact She
  2. City of Albany Essential and Non-Essential Services Updates
  3. COVID-19 Test Sites
  4. How Do I Become A Contact Tracer?
  5. COVID-19 Symptoms & Prevention
  6. Home-Proofing for COVID-19 and Other Illnesses
  7. NYS Mandated Prohibitions
  8. Where to Access Food
  9. Restaurants Open for Take-Out/Delivery/Outdoor/50% Capacity Indoor
  10. Where to Access Childcare
  11. Domestic Violence Prevention
  12. Mental Health Support
  13. What are the current parking rules?
  14. I've Lost My Job or Closed My Business as a Result of COVID-19
  15. K-12, College, Court & Library Closures
  16. Public Transportation
  17. Information for Various Federal, State & Local Agencies, Nonprofits & Others
  18. What to do if I cannot pay my utilities during COVID-19 outbreak
  19. What If I don't Have Health Insurance During the COVID-19 Outbreak?
  20. Where Can I Volunteer My Time to Help My Community?