Meet the ACDA Team

  1. Faye Andrews

    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Since 2000, Faye has overseen the Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) which revitalizes Albany neighborhoods by increasing home ownership, providing resources for home and community improvements, and connecting partners to facilitate quality of life projects and workforce opportunities for residents with low to moderate incomes.

    ACDA secures and manages millions of dollars in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds each year, which are often combined with other funding sources to maximize community development initiatives, increase home ownership, improve housing conditions, leverage strategic neighborhood projects, combat blight, and foster economic and commercial stability in neighborhoods.

  1. Glen Campman

    Glen Campman

    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Glen Campman is Albany Community Development Agency's (ACDA) building and property maintenance assistant. Glen maintains ACDA properties, keeping them clean and litter-free year-round (mowing in summer, clearing snow in winter). Glen also paints and makes handyman repairs as needed or requested by staff. Glen has been working for ACDA for over a decade.

  1. Lisa Clevenger

    Lisa Clevenger

    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Since 2013, Lisa has overseen the day-to-day fiscal operations of Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA). Previously, she worked as an office manager and an accountant for the Albany Housing Coalition, which houses low-income residents and veterans.

    Outside of work, she attends to her dog, Milo, loves camping and growing flowers and herbs in her garden.

  1. Kristin Cronin

    Finance Compliance Officer
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Kristin has been the Finance Compliance Officer for Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) for 17 years. She prepares all environmental reviews, loan and grant documents and applications, and conducts property closings for rehab projects.

    Kristin also oversees repayable loans, mortgages, and grant files, and monitors Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements for bigger projects, such as Ida Yarbrough and Sheridan Hollow. Previously, Kristin spent 10 years in the residential and commercial mortgage fields.

  1. Mick Foley

    Mick Foley

    Rehabilitation & Environmental Service Manager
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Mick Foley supervises the Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) Rehabilitation Specialists, the Environmental Coordinator, and the Senior Lead Rehab Specialist. He often troubleshoots issues that arise on ACDA projects, and is responsible for approving job changes, emergency authorizations and construction vouchers.

    Mick has been with ACDA for the nearly 10 years, and has worked under previous titles: Rehab Specialist (2001 to 2004) and Vacant Building Rehab Coordinator (2004 to 2008).

  1. Dennis Gaffney

    Dennis Gaffney

    Communications Coordinator
    Phone: 518-434-5164
    As Communications Coordinator for the City, Dennis handles all internal communications. Dennis is also author and Editor in Chief for the staff newsletter, Citynet. "I see my job as building community for City staff and fostering positive morale," he says.

    Dennis also oversees publicity and social media for the One Stop Shop-Albany's 200 Henry Johnson office location, which houses Albany Community Development Agency, the Department of Planning and Development, and the Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance.

    Dennis helps the Mayor's Office by taking on special projects, and is the point person for the City's Cultural Heritage projects. In his free time, Dennis likes to take photos, play the ukulele and squash.

  1. Amie Jefferson

    Amie Jefferson

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Amie has worked for Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) since 2016, and is often the first point of contact for the Department. Amie answers inquiries from the public, providing customers with applications and guideline packets on various ACDA programs, helping to connect the community with ACDA staff, and assisting with meeting arrangements or other Department general needs.

    Previously, Amie worked in the City of Albany's Human Resources Department, the "place where I continued to further my customer service experience," she says. Amie has a Bachelor of Science from Sage College, and in her free time she likes to shop, watch movies, and eat out.

  1. John Kisselback

    John Kisselback

    Senior Finance Counselor
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    John has worked for Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) going on 10 years. He currently does the intake for anyone applying for the various ACDA home and property improvement programs, reviewing applications for completeness and income eligibility requirements for the various programs. John also approves loans that come through the ACDA, ensuring that all required documentation is provided by applicants.

    For 13 years he owned his own mortgage company in Albany, and has 37 years experience working in the banking and finance industry.

  1. Dan Lyman

    Dan Lyman

    Rehabilitation Specialist
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Dan has worked as a Rehabilitation Specialist for Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) for 11 years. He is a New York State Accredited Code Enforcement Officer, overseeing the process for various ACDA rehab programs for City homeowners. "I'm here for you," Dan says.

    Previously, Dan worked as a Code Inspector for the Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance and a repairman for the City of Albany Water Department.

  1. Jim Matteo photo

    Jim Matteo

    Community Outreach Coordinator
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Jim has worked as a program compliance officer with ACDA since 2002, before a recent transition to his current position of Community Outreach Coordinator.  Jim’s new position consists of finding ways to promote ACDA home and property programs, but also the City's Facade Improvement Program, like the Facade  

    “I’m continuing to work with the community, which I enjoy, but in a different capacity,” he says.  He can be seen at public meetings, Neighborhood Association meetings, and “pop-up” events, such as the popular Albany Police Department summer movie nights that take place in parks, Citywide. 

  1. Jim Romano

    James Romano

    Construction Director
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Jim oversees the maintenance of Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA)-owned lots and buildings, such as the Albany Boxing Gym and the condos at 135 Elizabeth Street, which are used to house individuals and families, while heir homes are being made safe and lead-free through ACDA's lead abatement program. He also oversees and manages the contractors who are hired to rehab properties for ACDA, making sure that they comply with EEO standards and other government regulations.

    Jim previously worked as a general contractor in the Albany area, and for fun, he loves all things related to sports!

  1. Joe Severino

    Joe Severino

    Senior Finance Counselor
    Phone: 518-434-5265
    Joe assists the community who are applying for any of the various housing programs offered by the Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA). Joe meets with applicants and reviews their eligibility, whether it is to purchase a home, to do necessary home repairs, or to address lead paint abatement. "We see what people's needs are, and how we can assist them," says Joe, who has worked at ACDA since 1995.